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The FAQs: What You Should Know about Postcolonialism & American Politics

Postcolonial theory is something most Americans haven’t heard of. It is almost never mentioned by activists or media personalities. Yet, for decades it has shaped the thinking of America’s cultural elite and today pervades the thinking of everyday Americans. It plays a vital role in today’s politics. Here is what everyone should know about postcolonialism [ Read More ]

A Phoenix, Arising from the Ashes: Chuck Colson and the Watergate Scandal at 50

One June 17, 1972, five perpetrators broke into the Democratic National headquarters in Washington, DC. Eventually, investigators discovered that then-President Nixon had approved plans to cover up his administration’s involvement in the break-in. In the end, 69 people were indicted and 48 persons convicted for clandestine and illegal activities on behalf of the Nixon administration [ Read More ]

Unborn Lives Matter (3 Reasons Roe v. Wade is not about Women’s Rights)

Although political discourse often frames Roe v. Wade in terms of women’s reproductive rights, the famous 1973 ruling has nothing to do with women’s rights. Pro-choice intellectuals and activists use any one of three scientifically-implausible arguments to support their view that Roe v. Wade protects women. Each argument involves an errant perspective on the unborn [ Read More ]

One Faith No Longer: The Transformation of Christianity in Red and Blue America

What hath Christian progressivism to do with Christian conservatism? Little to nothing, the authors of a new study argue. In One Faith No Longer: The Transformation of Christianity in Red and Blue America, sociologists George Yancey and Ashlee Quosigk contend that the differences between these two groups are so significant that it is time to regard [ Read More ]