Several recent polls reveal a troubling trend: younger Americans have positive views of socialism and Communism.

Although this trend has been evident for years, a recent poll found that nearly half of Millennials say prefer Socialism or Communism over democratic capitalism, with upwards of twenty percent going so far as to consider Josef Stalin was a “hero.” In another poll, found 53 percent of 18- to 29-year-old respondents viewed socialism favorably, compared to only a quarter of Americans over 55. Yet another survey found that 43 percent of respondents younger than 30 have a positive view of socialism.

Historically, many socialists have had the best of intentions but socialism has had the worst of consequences. Although socialism does being economic equality of a sort, it is the type of equality that ships experience when they are all lowering with the tide. Further economic socialism tends to centralize power, often tilting a nation’s political arrangement in an authoritarian direction.

For this reason, I invited acclaimed political scientist David Koyzis to speak on Southeastern’s campus about “How Socialism Suppresses Society.” His evaluation of socialism is especially perceptive and helpful.

To access the video or the transcript of Dr. Koyzis lecture, click here.


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