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Ethics of Intelligence Gathering: Can a Christian Be A “Faithful” Spy?

In John le Carré’s The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, fictitious British secret service officer Alec Leamas concludes that spies are a “procession of fools, traitors, and pansies.”[1] If Leamas is correct, this article ends abruptly before it even begins. Are the various actions of a nation’s intelligence agencies (e.g. espionage, counterintelligence, covert political [ Read More ]

Footnotes to Lucifer: The 7 Most Destructive Philosophers in Western History

It has been said, famously, that all Western philosophy is “footnotes to Plato.” And, while this statement rings true, the deeper and more salient observation is that much of Western philosophy is footnotes to Lucifer. Indeed. At the Fall, the Evil One spoke a word against God’s word, calling into question the truth of God’s [ Read More ]

Jordan Peterson is Exactly Right and Precisely Wrong

On Monday July 11, psychotherapist and public intellectual Jordan Peterson offered his thoughts on the Russian war against Ukraine, sympathizing with Russia’s invasion because of Ukraine’s alliance with a morally degenerate United States (click here for a summary of Peterson’s podcast). Peterson is exactly right when to note America’s ideological and moral degeneracy. As the [ Read More ]