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What the Doctors Missed: My Experience of Depression and Spiritual Disconnection

The first therapeutic assessment in my record, from July 2021, reads: “47 y.o. M with history of trauma and anxiety, with symptoms of PTSD, GAD, and depression.” In other words, some of this and some of that: post-traumatic stress disorder, general anxiety disorder, and depression. With a tip of the hat to my recent crisis, [ Read More ]

How (Not) To Minister to People in Pain: Be a Fragrant Aroma Instead of a Feculant Windbag

Jesus was drawn to suffering people. His was a mercy of ministry, and he focused his attention more on people in pain than people in who found themselves in the “sweet spot” of life. Jesus healed the sick, comforted the grieving, and raised the dead to life. He was deeply compassionate. But he was not [ Read More ]

The Ten Commandments “at-A-Glance” (Applied to Life in The USA)

During the past few weeks, I published a series of 14 brief articles, applying the Bible’s Ten Commandments to personal, social, and cultural issues in the United States of America. The series is entitled, “Ten Words for a Broken Society.” It begins with three introductory posts, continues with ten articles addressing the Ten Commandments respectively, [ Read More ]