The FAQs: What You Should Know about Postcolonialism & American Politics

Postcolonial theory is something most Americans haven’t heard of. It is almost never mentioned by activists or media personalities. Yet, for decades it has shaped the thinking of America’s cultural elite and today pervades the thinking of everyday Americans. It plays a vital role in today’s politics. Here is what everyone should know about postcolonialism [ Read More ]

A Phoenix, Arising from the Ashes: Chuck Colson and the Watergate Scandal at 50

One June 17, 1972, five perpetrators broke into the Democratic National headquarters in Washington, DC. Eventually, investigators discovered that then-President Nixon had approved plans to cover up his administration’s involvement in the break-in. In the end, 69 people were indicted and 48 persons convicted for clandestine and illegal activities on behalf of the Nixon administration [ Read More ]

7 Catholic Theologians Every Protestant Should Read

Early-twentieth-century Catholic theology was dominated by the “modernist” school, marked by higher criticism, questioning of the Church, and assimilation with modern culture. Several popes fought this trend by silencing and deposing theologians. In 1962, Pope John XXIII called the Second Vatican Council, bringing about significant change. This list provides a good starting point for thoughtful [ Read More ]

How to Become Yourself

During the past twenty years, I have taught courses in intellectual history via a “Great Books” program. From teaching these books, I learned a great deal. But never did I expect that I would learn a great deal about myself as an individual. But I did, and among the great literature, nowhere did I learn [ Read More ]