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Playing Christian Defense: Why the Fifth Line of the Lord’s Prayer is a Life-or-Death Matter

The fifth line of the Lord’s Prayer is “lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.” Now that we have hallowed God’s name and his intentions, relied on him for provision, and practiced gospel-centered forgiveness, we have begun “playing offense” in the world of spiritual warfare. However, we need also to “play defense.” [ Read More ]

The Case for Humility in Our Coronavirus Era

During the past two months, media hysteria that had been directed toward 2020 presidential candidates is now mostly being directed toward the epidemiologists, cultural commentators, and elected officials who are publicly discussing their views about how to manage the COVID-19 crisis. Cable news shows combine with social media virility to make every twist and turn [ Read More ]

Powerful Witness from a Position of Weakness

The past decade in American politics has caused evangelical Christians to realize the extent to which we have been decentered socially, culturally, and politically. While we have seen some incremental progress in our advocacy for the pro-life position, we are experiencing consistent regression on other significant issues, such as religious liberty, human dignity, race relations, [ Read More ]