Late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century Protestant theology was dominated by the “fundamentalist-modernist” controversy, as many established Protestant seminaries and theologians aligned themselves with the liberal revisionism of Schleiermacher and his progeny. In response to the bizarre lucubrations and supercilious anti-orthodoxy of the revisionists, Protestant fundamentalists retreated from modern culture, formed intellectual ghettos, and cast a reactionary and anti-intellectual vision for the Protestants wishing to avoid liberal heterodoxy.   

Forging a middle path between fundamentalism and liberal revisionism, evangelical Protestant theology emerged and bore prolific theological fruit. This list provides a good starting point for thoughtful Catholics who would expose themselves to some of the most influential Protestant theologies of the last century and a half. It introduces some of the most important Protestant theologians during that era, focusing primarily on evangelical Protestantism while taking brief note of liberal Protestantism and foregoing an examination of fundamentalism.

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