Every year, private schools across the nation commence for graduation ceremonies. Yet, if many of today’s progressive educators are to be believed, the ceremony they participate in ought to be abolished or sent underground. They wish for public schools to be the primary—and in some activists’ view, exclusive—vehicle for educating our youth. Indeed, whenever the idea of vouchers for private schools comes up, progressives stridently insist that private education harms our society rather than helping it. 

Now, the American people are not, generally speaking, given to talking back to educators. We have been taught better. These educators have great gobs of education and thus we are expected to cherish their ideas. Still, some undisciplined folks like us are inclined to tell the activists to go take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry. We simply don’t agree that private education—especially private Christian education—is a net negative for American society. In fact, we believe that private schools make profoundly good contributions to our society.  

Why do activists say such poorly reasoned and uncharitable things about the men and women who send their children to private schools? 

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