Recently, The Commonweal Project invited me to speak on “Christian Politics in a Secular Age” at their conference in Atlanta, GA. As it turned out, C-SPAN showed up to televise the talk and subsequent Q&A session. The televised talk is divided into roughly five segments:

  1. An introductory segment in which I draw upon sociologist Philip Rieff and philosopher Charles Taylor to describe our secular age.
  2. An argument that Christians should draw upon their Christianity when engaging in politics and public life.
  3. An example of how one Christian doctrine–human dignity–has implications for a broad array of hot-button issues in American politics. I argue that unborn lives matter, black lives matter, and undocumented lives matter.
  4. A four-pronged strategy for doing politics in a secular age.
  5. A Q&A segment in which participants threw “fastballs” which I tried to hit.

To view the talk, click here.


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