I am excited to announce the release of I Am Going, my new book co-authored with Danny Akin. We wrote it for everyday Christians who want to leverage their lives maximally for the gospel. In the book, we show how each Christian can live a “missionary-like life” no matter what their location or vocation.

Because we are so excited about I Am Going, we invite you to enter our contest to win a free copy of it. We will select 15 individuals at random, of whom five will win audio versions of the book, five will win copies of the book, and five will win I Am Going T-Shirts!

There are three simple steps to enter the contest:

  1. Find something to write on (such as a piece of paper, a napkin, or a whiteboard).
  2. Write down where it is that you are “going” to leverage your life for the gospel.
  3. Then take a picture of what you wrote and post it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #iamgoing.

Here are some examples of what you could write:

  • If you are focused on serving the Lord through a particular vocation, you could write, “I am going to teach,” “I am going to be an artist,” or “I am going to open a business.”
  • Similarly, you could write, “I am going to plant a church,” “I am going to be a counselor,” or “I am going to pastor.”
  • If you are focused on serving the Lord in a particular location, you could write, “I am going to Raleigh,” “I am going to China,” or “I am going to Tanzania.”

Our conviction is that every vocation and location can—and should—be leveraged on behalf of Christ and the gospel. Wherever the Lord has called us to live, and whatever he has called us to do vocationally, we can and should do that intentionally as Christian witnesses. When we grasp this, our lives take on new meaning.

The book is written for individuals and for local church study groups:

We wrote the book so that it can be read and enjoyed by any type of Christian, no matter their social status, cultural affinity, or education level. Each chapter is full of biblical teaching, motivational stories, and practical steps for Christian witness.

When the book is purchased in bulk (20 books) from LifeWay, it is sold for $5 per book. (When you key in a quantity of 20, it updates your cart to be $100.) A number of churches and organizations have committed to leading their people through a study of the book. We hope that you and your church might do so as well.

Danny Akin and I view this book as an extension of Southeastern seminary’s vision, and our own personal vision and mission. We invite you to join us in leveraging our lives for Christ and the gospel.





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