Proud to Be an American?

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, it is a good time to reflect on the proper perspective a Christian should have on his or her nation. In particular, now is the perfect time to reflect on the proper perspective an American Christian should have on the United States of America. A good place to [ Read More ]

The Ethics of Special Operations Warfighting

For centuries, warfighting was a nation-to-nation reality and wars were often big events. With the advent of nuclear weapons, however, wars are less likely to be big events between powerful nations. Instead, we tend to see small- and medium-sized wars and the use of surrogates. Our military is adjusting, especially since 9/11, to fight these [ Read More ]

How Do Just War Principles Apply to Drone Warfare?

In the twenty-first century, war has morphed into something historically unrecognizable. Our conflicts are qualitatively and quantitatively unlike those in the past. What’s more, war will morph even more in upcoming years. Today’s wars are more about cultural and religious animosity than enlargement of borders or rectification of injustice. Further, rapidly developing technologies have not [ Read More ]

Does God Exist?

Does God exist? As a Christian writer and speaker, I get this question all the time. And while my approach to answering it differs based on the context and the person asking, my answer is always the same: “Yes, God exists. God is real and He has communicated Himself to human beings through mighty acts [ Read More ]

The Case for Humility in Our Coronavirus Era

During the past two months, media hysteria that had been directed toward 2020 presidential candidates is now mostly being directed toward the epidemiologists, cultural commentators, and elected officials who are publicly discussing their views about how to manage the COVID-19 crisis. Cable news shows combine with social media virility to make every twist and turn [ Read More ]

Why Is Sex So Complicated?

If there’s one thing about sex just about everyone can agree on, it’s that sex is complicated. But complicated doesn’t mean (as some assume) that sex is bad. Quite the contrary: sex is complicated precisely because it is so good, valuable, and powerful. According to the creator of sex, God, sex has deep meaning and [ Read More ]