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Spirituality & Mental Health

Putting on a Suit that Doesn’t Yet Fit: Why the First Line of the Lord’s Prayer is the Way to Start the Day

The first line of the Lord’s prayer is, “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.” Or, in more contemporary English, “Our Father in heaven, holy and wonderful and beautiful is your name.” It functions as the opening salvo of a payer that proceeds to instruct us on how to savor and honor [ Read More ]

Toxic People: How to Absorb Their Force and Turn Their Momentum against Them

One of life’s greatest challenges is learning to deal with people who are draining, unsupportive, difficult, and adversarial; with people who are bent on systematically diminishing—and even finally destroying—your inner life. And, given the teeming ecosystem of toxic people laid before us in history and public life, how can we go about identifying the archetypal [ Read More ]