theology-practice-missionIn Theology and Practice of Mission, 20 different authors build a biblical-theological framework for understanding God’s mission. Together, we trace the Bible’s main storyline to address some of the most compelling, practical, and crucial issues facing the global church today, issues such as justice, discipleship, community, and unreached people groups.


“It is enormously encouraging to read a book on mission that consistently puts God and God’s mission first, that applies the grand biblical framework of creation, fall, redemption and new creation thoroughly and repeatedly across almost every issue it addresses, and which tackles some very controversial areas with grace, wisdom, and biblical thoroughness. Here is a book that will richly reward all who patiently digest it, but will especially nourish teachers and practitioners of the mission that God has entrusted to his church.”

Christopher J. H. Wright, International Director, The Langham Partnership International, author of Mission of God

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