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How an Obscure Dutch Historian Helped Me Understand Today’s Social Revolutionaries

As an American Christian, it’s clear to me that I’m living in an increasingly secular nation. And by secular, I don’t mean most Americans are atheist or agnostic. Nor do I mean most Americans are hesitant to bring their religion into public discussions. Instead, following philosopher Charles Taylor, I mean Christianity has been displaced from the [ Read More ]

Who’s the Bigot Now? The Christianophobia of the U. S. Commission on Civil Rights

The most recent Wikileak email dump provided even more evidence of the widespread Christianophobia of many powerful persons who are politically progressive. In emails hacked from John Podesta’s account, the current Clinton campaign chairman and former Obama counselor received emails from colleagues who referred to conservative Christians as “backwards” and “bastardized.” Podesta’s  colleagues’ opinions are [ Read More ]