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The Success of Russian Psyops: Why Some Americans Have Been Suckered

Only a person with the dimmest powers of critical reflection could fail to notice the importance of psychological operations (psyops) in today’s world and in contemporary theaters of warfare. Even though the average American might not be familiar with the terms “psychological operations” or “psyops,” he or she is most likely well aware of the [ Read More ]

Should the United States Assassinate Putin?

In light of the enormous military repercussions that would ensue if the United States intervened militarily to counter Russia’ unjust war against Ukraine, a number of leaders have argued that the best solution is for somebody to assassinate Putin. On the “Hannity” show, Sen. Lindsey Graham called for Russians to “step up” and kill President Vladimir Putin amid Russia’s [ Read More ]

USA vs. RUSSIA: Should the United States Intervene?

During the night Wednesday, Russia launched a military strike against Ukraine, referring to it as a “peacekeeping mission” intended to demilitarize Ukraine. However, it is clear to the international community that Russia’s actions are more than a mere peacekeeping mission: instead, Russia’s invasion is an egregious violation of agreed-upon laws of justifiable warfare. President Putin [ Read More ]