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12 Sets of Resources for Aspiring Public Theologians

One of the pleasant surprises that has arisen from the political turmoil our nation experiences is a spike in the number of young Christians who take an interest in public theology. They may not always use the phrase “public theology,” but they are asking intelligent questions about issues at the intersection of Christianity, politics, and [ Read More ]

These 12 Books Will Make You a Better Public Theologian

Abraham Kuyper (1837–1920) is one of the most extraordinary public theologians in modern Christian history. A prolific theologian and public intellectual, he wrote books for scholars and for everyday Christians, founded the Free University in Amsterdam, taught theology, started a national newspaper, served as a member of Parliament and as the Prime Minister of the [ Read More ]

12 Resources for Understanding Abraham Kuyper’s Public Theology

For Christians wishing to rise above the circumambient imbecility of American public discourse in order to make a constructive contribution to American politics and public life, Abraham Kuyper is an especially helpful guide (especially if his framework of thought is complemented and enhanced by the contributions of other public theologians such as Lesslie Newbigin and [ Read More ]