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10 of the West’s Most Destructive Cultural Critics

In My Life Among the Deathworks, sociologist Philip Rieff argued that the West in general, and America in particular, is in the midst of a historically unprecedented attempt to sever social order from sacred order. Whereas all civilizations historically have understood that sacred order shapes culture and that culture, in turn, shapes society, many of [ Read More ]

10 Books That Reveal the Idolatrous Nature of Marxism

Here are ten books I recommend for people who wish to understand the idolatrous nature of Marxism and its corrosive effects on individuals and societies. Although Marx intended to liberate society and alleviate its suffering, his ideological framework unfortunately and necessarily suppresses society, induces poverty, and supplants religion. Marxism is not primarily an economic theory. [ Read More ]

The Religious Problem with Socialism

Socialism has served as a polarizing phenomenon globally and is emerging to the forefront of our political divide in the United States. It caught the nation’s attention during the 2016 election cycle when Bernie Sanders ran for President openly as a “Democratic socialist.” Not only was the race close, but many experts think Sanders would [ Read More ]