every-square-inchIn Every Square Inch, I show that Christianity is not a private religion. Our faith in Christ is personal and heartfelt, but because of that it should radiate outward into everything we do. Christianity is a deeply cultural religion, one that reaches into every aspect of our public lives. It relates, in one way or another, to art, science, politics, education, business, sports, marriage and family, work and leisure.

I devote the first part of the book to showing the relationship between Christianity and culture. Then, I provide six historical case studies of Christians such as Abraham Kuyper, C. S. Lewis, and Francis Schaeffer, who have much to teach us about cultural faithfulness. Finally, I provide a brief look at Christian faithfulness in the arts, the sciences, politics and the public square, economics and wealth, scholarship and education.

In conclusion, I argue that culture-making and cultural engagement are part of the Christian mission. We should allow Christ and his gospel to inform everything we do, not only in our home or in the four walls of a church building, but also in our work, leisure, and public life.

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“The God who sent the Savior to rescue us as individual sinners also cares deeply about the larger world in which we individuals live. And that includes the world of culture—our art, our games, our family patterns, our political systems, and much more. In this excellent and highly readable book, Bruce Ashford spells that out clearly and with much wisdom.”

Richard J. Mouw, President Emeritus, Professor of Faith & Public Life, Fuller Theological Seminary

“Bruce Ashford is one of North America’s most brilliant theologians. In this book he proves himself to be a true son of Abraham and Abraham Kuyper. This book will help equip you to think through the questions facing your church and community in the 21st century, including those questions you may not have thought yet to ask.”

-Russell D. Moore, President, Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

“As in each generation, the Christian has both the privilege and responsibility of spreading everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Christ. In a globalized, and increasingly pluralistic context, the task is often easier said than done. Dr. Bruce Ashford exemplifies in his life that grace for the task has been provided, and he excels with his pen in declaring the all-encompassing reign and relevance of the Lord Jesus. As a personal friend and grateful beneficiary of both his life and work on this subject, I commend Every Square Inch to all who desire to know how the universal rule of Christ impacts every area of life.”

William “Duce” Branch, aka The Ambassador, hip-hop artist, founding member of The Cross Movement

“Bruce Ashford has a real gift to take complicated concepts and put them in words all of us can understand. In Every Square Inch he does just this as he helps us to think Christianly and comprehensively for the glory of Christ in all things. I will be recommending this book for those who want to cultivate a Christian worldview way of thinking and living.”

Danny Akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Reading Every Square Inch is like reliving my personal journey of discovery, which in many respects, mirrors Bruce Ashford’s: immersion into another cultural context, viewing the USA from the outside-in, and wondering what Christianity offers regarding the big questions of life, society, and culture. Every Square Inch is a splendid introduction to the Christian calling to live under the lordship of Christ in every sphere of life. The gospel is the power of God unto salvation, and its message impacts every area of life. Here is the greatest story ever told (arts) about what the world is truly like (science) now that a crucified messiah is King of the world (politics), a King who has formed a generous people in His image (economics) and now commissions us to teach others to obey all Christ’s commands (education).”

Trevin Wax, Managing Editor of The Gospel Project at LifeWay Christian Resources

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