We live in a secular age. This is not to say that we live in an era in which most people are atheists or agnostics. But it is to say that we live in an era in which many or most people live their lives without real reference to God. It is to say that we live in an era in which Christianity has been displaced from the default position and is positively contested by countless religions, ideologies, “takes,” and “spins” on life. As a result historic Christianity is often considered implausible, unimaginable, and even reprehensible.

In such an era, here are ten books I recommend to pastors, professors, and students who wish to defend the Christian faith. I will describe each book and then rank its level of difficulty on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the most difficult. Level 1 is the category of book that is a basic introduction the casual reader could pick up and enjoy. Level 5 is the category for a book that might be required in a Ph.D. seminar.

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