Controversy erupted this week after Virginia’s Democratic governor, Ralph Northam, not only defended a late-term abortion bill but also insinuated that babies could be left to die after birth.

Many Republicans, including President Donald Trump and Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, made public statements about the moral repugnance of Northam’s remarks.

Through a spokesperson, Northam, a former pediatric doctor, said his words were taken out of context by Republicans and that the idea of killing infants was “disgusting.”

Regardless of Northam’s intent, Americans should know that there is a great evil afoot in our nation, one that far predates Virginia’s bill or Northam’s comments. That great evil is the systematic undermining of human dignity.

From where do so many Americans find the ideological justification to take the lives of innocent human beings, whether born or unborn?

To answer that question, we must go back to … [To read the rest of the article, originally published at The Daily Signal, click here.]


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