Last month, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) introduced the Economic Security for New Parents Act, a fiscally-responsible paid-parental-leave plan that is good not only for working-class families but for the nation as a whole.

In the Rubio bill, parents of newborn babies or newly-adopted children are given the option of drawing upon Social Security to take parental leave for two months or more. Parents taking the option would delay the date at which they begin receiving Social Security benefits by three months or more.

Some progressives, desperate to kill a Republican bill that will reap enormous benefits for American workers, have called the bill a “sorry attempt” that is “absolutely wrong” and is “a threat to economic security.”

On the contrary, however, the Rubio bill will benefit not only working class Americans and their families, but also the businesses that employ them and society as a whole.

[To read the rest of the article, originally published at The Christian Post, click here.]


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