Pro-Life Week 2017 Panel Discussion (Bruce Ashford, Trillia Newbell, Amber Lehman, Stephen Wade)

This week is “Pro-Life Week 2017” at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Here at Southeastern, we promote a whole-life pro-life ethic. Unborn lives matter. Born lives matter. Black lives matter. Brown lives matter. White lives matter.

Over the course of the year at Southeastern, we will host several events that address the pro-life cause in relation to racial tension and racial injustices. But this week, we focused on the pro-life cause in relation to the worth and value of unborn babies.

I hosted and moderated the first event of the week, which was a panel discussion with Trillia Newbell (nationally-acclaimed author), Amber Lehman (Executive Coach and recognized leader in the pro-life movement), and Stephen Wade (Baptist pastor, professor of counseling).

During the panel discussion, which can be accessed here, we started by discussing Amber’s and Trillia’s personal narratives, both of which involved moving from a pro-choice stance to a pro-life commitment. From there, we discussed the local church’s responsibility in relation to unborn lives, the role of counseling in the case of crisis pregnancies, and best resources for those wishing to learn more.

In conclusion, I addressed the detrimental effects of abortion on American society and concluded with an extended quote from Richard John Neuhaus’ “We Shall Not Weary, We Shall Not Rest,” which is, in my opinion, the single best concise essay on the pro-life cause and one of the best essays on any social justice cause.

To view the panel discussion, click here.

For a very brief article on “8 Reasons Why Abortion is Detrimental to Society,” click here.

For a list of “7 Pro-Life Articles and Books You Should Consider Reading,” click here.


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