With the publication of Impossible People: Christian Courage and the Struggle for the Soul of Civilization, Os Guinness proves once again that he’s incorrigibly wise. Modernity is the greatest challenge Christianity has ever faced, he argues, and he explores the way it challenges God’s people around the world and especially in the West. The diagnosis is grim, but the prognosis is hopeful: If God’s people will be faithful and unmanipulable, and if we will approach our task humbly and faithfully, God may yet save the West from itself.

Guinness covers quite a lot of territory, and does so in a well-organized and lucid manner, making Impossible People something of an introductory text for cultural analysis and cultural engagement. Because the book would serve well as an introductory course, and because Guinness’s evaluation is perceptive, I’m structuring this review as a resource for motivated learners who want to further explore the ground he covers.

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