For the past 13 years, I have taught at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, where I now serve as Professor of Theology & Culture and Provost / Dean of the Faculty. During those 13 years, we Americans have continued to experience the cultural “ground” shifting beneath our feet . In recognition of these shifts and of the need to provide gospel-centered contextual theological education for gospel ministers in our own American context and in international contexts, we recently approved a new 81-hour Master of Divinity degree.

The question driving our curriculum revision was, “What curriculum best prepares students to take the gospel to our own nation and other nations today?” The answer we came up with is our new 81-84 hour Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree tracks.

Each of these M.Div. tracks now has a stronger core curriculum to better equip our students biblically, theologically and practically for their current and future ministries. If you are a prospective student looking to be a pastor, missionary, public theologian, counselor, educator, or other type of minister, our M.Div. tracks are built to equip you.

During the month of May, Southeastern will waive the application fee for all M.Div. degrees. Just use the promo code “MDivMay” when applying.

If you’ve been thinking of furthering your theological education, the time has never been better. Apply now to take advantage of our newly redesigned, robust programs. Contact SEBTS Admissions for more information: or 919.761.2280.

Here is some further information about the changes we’ve made in our M.Div. tracks:

Beginning fall 2016, the total hours required to complete an M.Div. will be reduced from 90 to 81-84 hours.

As part of the curriculum changes for the M.Div., the core requirements have been increased to 69 hours; however, the total number of hours required have decreased. The M.Div. with Christian Ministry can now be completed in a total of 81 hours, and other M.Div. programs may go as long as 84 hours depending on the student’s desired track.

Additionally, core requirements for both M.Div. and M.A. tracks have been modified. Theology III will now be covered in Theology I and II, while Church History II is now a part of Church History Survey. Hermeneutics will now be taught in three courses: Biblical Exposition, Old Testament and New Testament.


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