“Certainly these are sad times for American politics. But if we love our nation and our neighbors, this American sadness should only redouble our resolve. Our nation needs us. So let’s put our Christian faith to work.”

Dear friend,

In the midst of a rapidly changing cultural and political landscape, I believe it is imperative for us to think carefully about how our Christian faith should shape our view of what it means to be an American. To this end, I’m pleased to make you aware that my latest book, Letters to An American Christian, is now available.

I’ve written the book as a series of twenty-six brief letters to a hypothetical college student, “Christian,” who is double-majoring in political science and journalism at an elite university. Christian is trying to figure out his political beliefs in light of his newly-found faith. I am coaching him to steer clear of the secular progressivism of his professors and the secular versions of conservatism held by his family members, and instead to build his beliefs in light of Christian principles. Above all, I am coaching him to build his political beliefs in light of Christian principles.

My hope is to remind readers of two important truths: we cannot afford to shrink away from our earthly citizenship, and we cannot afford to lose sight of our heavenly citizenship.

In the book, I explore how Christians should approach some of the most contentious political issues of our time, including:

  • the relationship between religion and politics
  • the relationship between church and state
  • gender dysphoria, transgenderism and LGBTQ issues
  • free speech
  • abortion and reproductive rights
  • American nationalism
  • race relations and reconciliation
  • “fake news” and misinformation in the media
  • immigration
  • political correctness
  • war and peace
  • the environment

If I’ve piqued your interest, I encourage you to buy a copy not only for yourself but for any friends and fellow Christians who are wrestling with how the Christian faith speaks to the most significant and pressing cultural and political issues of our day.

And, in the spirit of the book, I’d like to encourage you to write letters of your own to the following people:

  1. To your pastor, letting him know how much you appreciate his work and naming traits you admire about his leadership and public witness.
  2. To a friend, encouraging them to walk the Christian walk faithfully and to be unashamed of Christ in public.
  3. To a college student or young professional, encouraging that they can make a difference for Christ as they enter adulthood and begin engaging the culture (and political climate) as a believer.

I appreciate each one of you and the impact you are making on our nation and our world.

For what it’s worth, here are some early endorsements of Letters to an American Christian:

“Letters to an American Christian is a substantive, wide-ranging, often-funny treatise on Christianity and politics in the United States. Ashford doesn’t shy away from our nation’s most intractable problems or fiercest debates, and yet he writes with winsomeness and civility, charting a path forward for those who may feel politically homeless these days. Even if you don’t agree with his take on every issue, you’ll find yourself thinking (and chuckling) all the way through this brilliant book.”

Trevin Wax, Bible and reference publisher at LifeWay Christian Resources, author of Eschatological Discipleship: Leading Christians to Understand Their Historical and Cultural Context and This Is Our Time: Everyday Myths in Light of the Gospel.

“Religion and politics are two of the most difficult topics for Americans to discuss today. Too often they generate more heat than light. Letters to an American Christian is different. Bruce Ashford has produced a highly readable and eminently sensible series of reflections on faith and public life. It’s a book American Christians need now.”

Ryan T. Anderson,  political philosopher, founder of Public Discourse, author of Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom and When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment.

“Bruce Ashford has shown the way for Christian political conservatives to navigate in this post-Christian world. He illustrates that we need not be locked into a culture war approach nor head for the hills. His smart, informed and insightful advice should be heeded by Christian conservatives in the coming years. You need to buy Letters to an American Christian. No, buy two and give one to a friend.”

George Yancey, Professor of Sociology, University of North Texas, author of Beyond Racial Gridlock

“A fantastic, enlightening, and entertaining analysis that perfectly reads the zeitgeist and offers humble, practical and biblically faithful counsel.”

J.D. Greear, lead pastor of The Summit Church (Raleigh-Durham), author of Gospel and Not God Enough

“With the decline of civics education in the United States, we need to find new and creative ways to help students think about politics.  Bruce Ashford has written a book that I think young Christians will find accessible, compassionate, current, and careful.  I don’t know another theologian who could write a book about politics that is so well-calibrated for Christians of Generation Z.”

-Hunter Baker, J.D., Ph.D., University Fellow for Religious Liberty, Union University, author of Political Thought: A Student’s Guide

“The American political landscape is an increasingly difficult space for Christians to navigate.  Ashford offers a vision for Christian political engagement and applies it to the most pressing issues of the day.  Letters to an American Christian is required reading for believers who desire to reflect biblical faith in the public square.”

Walter Strickland, Assistant Professor of Systematic and Contextual Theology, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Bruce Ashford brings much-needed clarity, consistency, and conviction to a range of concerns swirling amidst the sea of moral confusion that surrounds the church and the culture today. Every Christian will benefit from reading Letters to an American Christian.”

Karen Swallow Prior, Professor of English, author of On Reading Well: Finding the Good Life through Great Books

To order the book on Amazon.com, click here.


Bruce Riley Ashford


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