Politics and Public Life

Where Do We Go from Here? (A Colson Center Online Symposium)

This week, I participated in an online symposium consisting of 12 very brief post-election answers to the question: “What has the 2016 election revealed about the state of the Church and its place in American culture, and how ought we (the American Church) move forward from here?” The other contributors and I (Bruce Ashford,  Hunter Baker,  [ Read More ]

The Day After: The Post-Election Path Forward for Evangelicals

The long road to Super Tuesday is over. Donald J. Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States. Evangelical reaction is mixed. One the one hand, some evangelicals (including the authors of this article) opposed Trump’s nomination. On the other hand, many evangelicals supported his campaign. Regardless, the real question facing evangelicals [ Read More ]

Who’s the Bigot Now? The Christianophobia of the U. S. Commission on Civil Rights

The most recent Wikileak email dump provided even more evidence of the widespread Christianophobia of many powerful persons who are politically progressive. In emails hacked from John Podesta’s account, the current Clinton campaign chairman and former Obama counselor received emails from colleagues who referred to conservative Christians as “backwards” and “bastardized.” Podesta’s  colleagues’ opinions are [ Read More ]

The One Thing Christians Must Do This Election Season

Wednesday night we watched the third – and final – presidential debate. Americans are more divided than ever before. Right now, citizens and pundits alike are brutally battling it out over the 2016 presidential election. And at the center of this controversy are the candidates themselves—the Republican nominee Donald Trump and the Democratic contender Hillary [ Read More ]